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'The Unholy: Demiurge' Series: A Journey into Large Scale Artwork at Vincent Vee Art

'The Unholy: Demiurge' Series: A Journey into Large-Scale Artistry of Vincent Vee Artist

Step into the artist’s realm where the second painting of the ‘Unholy: Demiurge’ series comes to life.

This short reel offers a sneak peek into the creation process within the walls of my attic studio. Despite its size constraints, it’s here that the expansive triptych measuring 1.22 by 3 meters is taking shape.

Fresh off the completion of the first painting, the excitement for this large-scale endeavor is real. It’s been years since I’ve tackled a canvas this vast, and the thrill of returning to grand formats is unmatched.

The sheer size grants me the liberty to make bold, unreserved strokes, translating inner visions and raw emotions directly onto the canvas. Stay tuned as I navigate this artistic voyage, where each brushstroke is a deliberate act of expression, and the canvas becomes a testament to the creative spirit.

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