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Queen Elizabeth II 
1/30 SOLD

About the original painting

I would like to present two versions of QUEEN ELIZABETH II ORIGINAL artworks on WHITE Aluminium Dibond.

These are the original artworks Acrylic Spray Paint with Gold Leaves on White Aluminium Dibond (30x30 cm | 12"x12")
These are framed with Wooden Frame and wide 10 cm White Mount. With the frame the pieces are 50x50 cm (20"x20"). Artworks are ready to hang. 

These Artworks are FIRST (BLACK WITH GOLD CROWN) and SECOND Silver (The second copy has SOLD on 11 09 2022) Copy of 30 Limited Edition Collection.


The artwork is prepared by me from iPad drawing, through the stencils preparation, spraying layers, putting gold leaves and framing. Every new Copy will be made on different backgrounds, different colours and different elements, so you can be sure every copy will be completely different and your copy is absolutely unique.

The artwork is inspired by Banksy and Andy Warhol artworks in the style or in the technique.

Year: 2022

Dimensions: 30x30 cm | 12"x12"

Material: Acrylic Spray on Aluminium Dibond

This original artwork is FOR SALE Copy 1 and 3-30

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