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Unholy Demiurg: Valkiry

Valkyrie’s Vigil: The Unseen Battles Within

In the canvas labyrinth of ‘Unholy Demiurg: Valkiry’, a profound narrative unfolds—a woman stands enshrined, her essence a tapestry of silent battles of passion and unseen chains of dependency. This 102x102 cm acrylic masterpiece sings a silent symphony of blues and purples, with figures in orange and yellow emerging like dawn’s first light, portraying a journey amidst the flora of her psyche.

The abstract-figurative style captures not just a scene, but a saga of the soul’s resistance against the shaping hands of external forces. It delves into the depths of internal conflict, speaking to the dichotomy of creation and control, freedom and constraint. It’s a visual exploration of the societal chains that bind the feminine spirit in a world sculpted by masculine hands, inviting viewers to reflect on the silent struggles that shape our existence.

Year: 2020

Dimensions: 102x102 cm | 40"x40"

Material: Acrylic on Canvas

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