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Vincent Vee 

Painter, Photographer, Sculptor

The holiness, unholiness, sin, another universe, soul. In my paintings, I ask myself question who are you, who am I”.

About Me


In my paintings I show everyday, this day, tomorrow. Portraits, insignificant situations. However, this is only apparent simplicity wrapped in mist of extraordinary. Just look into the depths of the eyes, until the bottom of the soul. Symbols used in development of my paintings are conversation about the emotions of the soul. In my new works I come back to my old technique where I mixed laser printing, acrylic paintings and typography. In the new paintings I use my own photographs. I love two styles of contemporary art. Pop art and street art.

Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, Poland

Camerimage Film School



Not-es / Milky / Nooby /

OTC France / Booming Nation / Swan 



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United Kingdom

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